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Ramadan Web Sites around the Internet




Please use discretion when visiting external sites,

TJ Ramadan cannot guarantee that everything on the sites listed below is authentic

or Islamically appropriate.


  Especially for Children (as an audience)





TJ Ramadan recommends that parents explores any internet site with their children

 even though it may be designed specifically for children.




    THM PreK Ramadan: cute site written especially for children. Includes little Ramadan lessons,

    recipes, links to crafts and other activities.


    Education Leeds: Four interactive Ramadan/Islamic activities for children including a

    flash matching game.


    Primary Games - Ramadan Games and Activities: Games, stationery, and activities.


    Ramadan Kids: games and crafts for kids.




Activities, Crafts, Lessons & Projects





    Kiddyhouse - Masjid Craft Mobile


    Preschool Program for Ramadan - Kids Activities: coloring sheets


    Ramadan Ideas from Crayola: includes a good deeds flip up calendar, henna hands activity,

     pillars of Islam activities and more!


    Ramadan Surprise Calendar - Ramadan/Iftar Date Bowl


   Yemen Links: Ramadan crafts, lessons, and other activities.







See TJ Ramadan's Library for a listing of Ramadan related articles around the 'net.



   Quraan Audio/Video/Reading








   recipe card

See TJ Ramadan's Recipes Page for a list of Ramadan recipe links







     Gigi’s Boutique  Jilbabs, Abayas, Skirts, Prayer Outfits, Accessories, Islamic,

    Jewelry.  Offering free shipping for Ramadan (Ramadan 1427) Mention TJ Ramadan and

    receive a special Ramadan discount, insha Allah.


               (Please note: TJ Ramadan cannot personally endorse the above site, as we have not purchased any items, to date, but

                thanks Gigi's Boutique for the discount offer made to TJ Ramadan site visitors).







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