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Learning Activities



Coloring/Activity Pages ~ Daily Lesson Ideas ~ Journal



"It's Ramadan!"


Activities and Lesson ideas for each day of Ramadan

(Activities range from preschool to Junior high level)


Please note: The schedule is subject to change for those items which do not currently have an associated Daily Activity and Ramadan Daily Journal. Once a Daily Activity and Ramadan Journal is posted for a given date, it will not change, insha Allah.



Shaban 28/29/30

Topics: The Approach of Ramadan; Sighting the Moon

Daily Activities: Shaban 28/29/30

Ramadan Coloring Sheet

(Tip: Color and laminate to make a Ramadan placemat)

Ramadan 1 Topic: Fasting During Ramadan


My Little Ramadan Primer (PowerPoint)

Daily Activities: Ramadan 1

Daily Journal: Ramadan 1

Ramadan 2 Topic: A Day of Fasting

A Day of Fasting (PowerPoint)

Daily Activities: Ramadan 2

Daily Journal: Ramadan 2

Drawing:A Day of Fasting Poster


Ramadan 3

Topic: Why Do We Fast in Ramadan?


Daily Activities: Ramadan 3

Daily Journal: Ramadan 3

Color: Command to Fast


Ramadan 4 Topic: Ramadan in History


Daily Activities: Ramadan4

Daily Journal: Ramadan 4


Ramadan 5

Topic: The Importance of Suhoor

Daily Activities Ramadan 5

Daily Journal: Ramadan 5

Suhoor: Draw, Write, Trace


Ramadan 6 Topic: Examining and Improving our Suhoor Choices


Daily Activities Ramadan 6

Daily Journal Ramadan 6

Suhoor Menu

Ramadan 7

Topic: Common Medical Problems During Fasting and Remedies


Daily Activities Ramadan 7

Daily Journal Ramadan 7

Medical Border Paper

Prescription Forms for Dramatic Play

Ramadan 8 Topic: Fast of the Traveler


Fast of the Traveler: Coloring

Ramadan 9 Topic: What Breaks Your Fast?


Ramadan 10 Topic: Handling Anger/Controlling Speech


Ramadan 11

Topic: Children and Fasting


Daily Activities: Ramadan 11

Daily Journal: Ramadan 11

Toys (Drawing/Writing Activities)


Ramadan 12 Topic: Iftar: The Importance of Hastening It/Good Iftar Choices; Planning Iftar


Iftar: Drawing, Writing, Tracing

Ramadan 13 Topic: Eating at Someone's House During Ramadan


Ramadan 14 Topic: Salatul Taraweeh




Ramadan 15

Topic: Benefits of Fasting

Ramadan 16 Topic: Laylatul Qadr

Suratul Layl: Copy work


Ramadan 17 Topic: Battle of Badr


Ramadan 18 Topic: Last Ten Days of Ramadan


Ramadan 19 Topic: Itikaf


Ramadan 20 Topic: Fasting other than Ramadan

Fasting Other Than the Days of Ramadan Poster/Coloring


Ramadan 21 Topic: Forgetfulness During Fasting/Making Up the Fasts of Ramadan


Ramadan 22 Review: Through the Daily Journal, Daily Activity Packets, and artwork, start with Ramadan 1 and review concepts learned through the 21st.


Ramadan 23 Topic: Planning/Making a Ramadan Dinner


Ramadan 24 Topic: Zakatul Fitr


Ramadan 25

Topic: Ramadan Around the World I


Daily Activity Pack: Ramadan 25-27

Daily Journal: Ramadan 25


Ramadan 26

Topic: Ramadan Around the World II


Use Daily Activity Pack: Ramadan 25-27 (see Ramadan 25)

Daily Journal: Ramadan 26

Ramadan 27

Topic: Ramadan Around the World III


Use Daily Activity Pack: Ramadan 25-27 (see Ramadan 25)

Daily Journal: Ramadan 27


Ramadan 28 Topic: Preparing for Eid ul Fitr


Ramadan 29 Topic: Preparing for Eid ul Fitr


Ramadan 30 Topic: Preparing for Eid ul Fitr


Shawwal 1 Enjoy your Eid!


Ramadan Journal

Journal Activities for everyday of Ramadan.

Correlates with "It's Ramadan" Activities, but can be used on its own.

See above table for Daily Journal pages.



Additional Ramadan Coloring and Activity Pages


Not correlated with the Daily "It's Ramadan" Activities

Ramadan is 29 or 30 Days:


Counting and writing of numerals (1-30)


Copywork Stationery Decorative paper for copying of ayaah, hadith, etc.
Ramadan Color in Calendar Color in a picture for each day of Ramadan


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