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It's Ramadan!

Daily Activities for Ramadan

Ramadan 9





What Breaks Your Fast?




Today's Quote:


The Messenger (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said:

"If anyone forgets and eats and drinks,

then let him complete his fast

because it is Allah who fed him and gave him to drink."

[Bukhaaree and Muslim]




To learn what things break our fast

so that we do not break our fast of Ramadan, bi-ithnillah



Activity 1:

  Read about some things which break your fast:

(click on the picture below)

 What Breaks the Fast Poster - click here

Other sources with information regarding things that break your fast:



Activity 2:


Read/listen to the following situations. How would you respond?

Try to use daleel (proof) to back up your response.


  1. You are out with friends during the day in Ramadan.  One of your friends eats a piece of candy. You are not sure if he realized what he was doing? How would you respond?

  2. Same situation as number 1, except that it is apparent (clear) that your friend ate on purpose. How do you respond?

  3. You are out with friends during the day in Ramadan and someone offers you something to eat or drink. How do you respond?

  4. You are at home during the day doing schoolwork and pick up an apple and start to eat.  Oops! You forgot you were fasting. Do you need to make up your fast (i.e. did you break your fast?) What is your proof?


Activity 3:


Write/discuss the following in your Ramadan Journal for Ramadan 9.

How do you make up fasts?  Talk about how fasts should be made up with an adult, and write it here as a reminder.

Are you fasting in a non-Muslim or Muslim country?

If in a non-Muslim country, how does it feel to see the kuffar eating and drinking during the day? Does it bother you? Or no big deal? How do you "deal" with it?


If in a Muslim country, write about the benefits of fasting in a Muslim country.

Are there any drawbacks?


Activity 4:

Copy today's quote neatly.





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