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It's Ramadan!

Daily Activities for Ramadan

Ramadan 6




 Examining/Improving our Choices for Suhoor



Today's Quote:


Amr bin al As reported Allah's Messenger (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) as saying:

“The difference between our fasting

and that of the people of the Book

is eating shortly before dawn.”

(Muslim #2413)


To evaluate our suhoor meals so far;

To use what we have learned to plan healthy suhoor meals for our family



Activity 1:


Examining our Suhoor Meals

Look back at the suhoor meals you have recorded so far in your journal. 

 Have they been good choices based upon what you learned yesterday?

Why or why not? Write about it in your journal for Ramadan 6.

Daily Journal Ramadan 6




Activity 2:


Plan a week of suhoor meals with your family. 

 Use the Ramadan Weekly Meal Planner

to record your choices.

Refer to yesterday’s reading and your collage to get ideas.

 Discuss the choices you have made—Why they are good, what benefits do they have?


Try to help prepare some or all of the suhoor meals for the week.


Activity 3:


Make an illustrated menu of your suhoor plans for a restaurant that only serves suhoor meals. Older kids can make a fancy professional restaurant style menu with prices or you can use the menu at:


a.         Math Extension.   Use the prices on the menu and tally how much any two items would cost, any three items, etc

b.       Play restaurant. Take turns being the customer and waiter/waitress.

Order from the suhoor menu.

(Guided activity for younger children)

 Look up/use Arabic words to use during your play (foods, expressions, etc)


Activity 4:


Copy Today's Quote neatly.






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