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It's Ramadan!

Daily Activities for Ramadan

Ramadan 17





Battle of Badr


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Today's Quote:

There has already been a sign for you (O Jews) in the two armies that met (in combat, i.e. the battle of Badr). One was fighting in the Cause of Allh, and as for the other, (they) were disbelievers. They (the believers) saw them (the disbelievers) with their own eyes twice their number (although they were thrice their number). And Allh supports with His Victory whom He wills. Verily, in this is a lesson for those who understand. (3:13)




To learn about the Battle of Badr, which began on this day

 in the second or third year of the Hijrah


Activity 1:


Read about the Battle of Badr:

Tafsir of Ayaah 3:13

Other sources to learn more about the Battle of Badr:

  1. Raheeq ul Makhtum (The Sealed Nectar)



Activity 2:


Ramadan 17

You might write about something you learned today about the Battle of Badr; how your fasting day went today, etc.


Activity 3:

Copy today's quote neatly.



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