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Special Download:

A Mother's Ramadan Organizer



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A Mother's Ramadan Organizer





Download your free copy today, insha Allah.




A Mother's Ramadan Organizer

Dividers and Filler Sheets

to keep your Ramadan materials organized,

 insha Allah.





The book is available as a series of downloads:



I. Cover, Contents and Introduction



II. Articles/Reading Divider & Filler Sheets
Articles/Reading/Audio Index
Article/Reading/Audio Summary Filler Sheet



III. Crafts/Activities
Craft/Activities Index
Craft/Activity Instruction Filler Sheet


IV. Eid Preparation

V. Favorite Websites

VI. Ibadah

VII. Learning Goals & Activities
Learning Activities Index
Lesson/Activity Outline

VIII. Organization
Organizational Printables List
Ramadan Bulletin Board Materials List/Sample Layout


IX. Quraan
30 Day Recitation/Reading Schedule

X. Recipes
Recipes Index, by category
Recipe Instruction Filler Sheet


XI. Border Blank Filler

To personalize your content and keep a uniform look



Suggestions for Use/Conclusion


If you don't need an organizer for yourself,

why not print out the pages, assemble in a binder with page protectors

 and give it to a friend as a gift?












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Sunday, January 21, 2007






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