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It's Ramadan!

Daily Activities for Ramadan

Shaban 28/29/30





 The Approach of Ramadan; Sighting the Moon



Today's Quote:


“When there comes the month of Ramadan,

the gates of mercy are opened,

and the gates of Hell are locked

and the devils are chained.”


Narrated on the authority of

Abu Hurayrah (radiallahu anhu)

 (Saheeh Muslim, #2361)





To prepare for Ramadan; learn about the phases of the moon




Activity 1:


Make a Ramadan Bulletin board


 A Bulletin board is a handy place to put all sorts of useful Ramadan goodies.


Sample Bulletin Board Layout

Included are some suggestions for things you can add. 

Be creative and personalize it to fit your family.



Ramadan Board Attachment ideas:



Ramadan Calendar

 (or make your own)



Family Fasting Tracker

keep track of the days everyone has fasted



What Breaks the Fast Reminder Poster



Duaa for Breaking Fast



Suratul Qadr Poster



Command to Fast Poster


Artwork and crafts made during Ramadhan



Activity 2:


Preparing for Ramadan

Read or listen to and discuss the following article and/or audio:


Approach of Ramadhan


by Shaykh ‘Abdullah Ibn Saalih al-Fawzaan

(this links to the download page from where the file (PDF, 55k) is located.



Preparation for Ramadan


 by Shaykh 'Abdullaah Ibn 'Abdur-Raheem al-Bukharee

(Overview & Audio from

(this links to the download page from where the file is; 90 min. Two downloads.)




Older Kids:

Take notes on the above article and lecture

and make a “Preparing for Ramadhan” Poster to hang on the bulletin board.


Younger Kids:

With parents or siblings’ help, make an illustrated “Preparing for Ramadhan” Poster

for the bulletin board.




Activity 3:


Learn about the phases of the moon


We know that Ramadhan (or any Islamic month)

begins when we sight the new or crescent moon.

Learn about the phases of the moon

and how to tell when the new month starts

through the following activities and sites:


Facts about the moon’s phases:


Phases of the moon diagram for each month in 2006-2007:


Make your own Lunar Calendar:


Take the Moon Challenge Drag

and drop the moons to the correct place in the lunar cycle:

Diagram of the different moon phases around the Earth:

Animation showing the different moon phases around the Earth:

  DLTK’s Moon Phases Crafts (ages 2-8)


Moon’s Life Cycle:

Hover over each of the cycles to see what the moon looks like

 at that time.


MacGraw Hill School:

links and lessons about the moon and its phases, 1st grade level


How long does each phase of the moon last?


Phases of the Moon (NASA):


Moon Phase Activity from NASA for older kids


Moon Phase Shockwave Presentation:


 Moon Images from NASA


Sight the Moon Project: 

 Make a telescope with a cardboard tube. Decorate, and try to sight the moon each night before Ramadan begins.

Make Moon Phase diaries to record what you observe.

Older kids:

Younger kids:

Continue with your diary throughout Ramadan, insha Allah.




Activity 4:



Copy today's quote neatly. 



Activity 5:


Color: Ramadan Coloring Page



(Tip: Color and laminate to make a Ramadan placemat)


(created by Iluvpandas, age 11)


This page last updated:

Sunday, January 21, 2007






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I seek Your forgiveness and turn to You in repentance.’


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