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Special Download:

A Mother's Ramadan Organizer


Activities for Younger Children


The following is a list of coloring and activity pages

 taken from the "It's Ramadan Daily" Activities (under Ramadan Learning Aids) and other places on site and

may be more suitable for younger children than the Daily Activities.


(more to be added, insha Allah, as the rest of the It's Ramadan Pages are uploaded)



My Little Ramadan Primer

(PowerPoint Book)




A Day of Fasting Poster


Ramadan 2


A Day of Fasting

(PowerPoint Book)


Ramadan 2

  “The Command to Fast:”

Ramadan 3

Suhoor: Draw, Write, Trace

Ramadan 5

Suhoor Fill in Menu

Ramadan 6

Prescription Forms for Dramatic Play


Ramadan 7

Medical Border Paper


Ramadan 7

The Fast of a Traveler

Coloring Page


Ramadan 8

Toys (Drawing/Writing Activities)


Ramadan 11

Iftar: Drawing, Writing,



Ramadan 12

Duaa for Host


Ramadan 13


Design and color the prayer rugs.

Ramadan 14

Fasting Other Than Ramadan

Ramadan 20



Color the word Ramadan

Ramadan 1

Ramadan Color In Calendar

Color in a picture for each day of Ramadan


Ramadan is 29 or 30 Days:



Layl-Night: Coloring


Ramadan 16

Good Deeds Family Mobile Project

Ramadan 18

Find your way to the musalla for Eid! (and go back--a different way)


Maze 1 (Very simple)

Maze 2

Ramadan 28

Ramadan Journal Template Page for Younger Children




My First Ramadan of Fasting Memory Page



Ramadan Unscramble

Unscramble the letters to spell Ramadan


Ramadan Color in Calendar

Color in a picture for each day of Ramadan



All TJ Ramadan materials may be used /downloaded freely for non-commercial use only.




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Sunday, January 21, 2007






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